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Hi Q Keto And not a myth at all. It is possible to lose weight with the help of coal thanks to sorbents that are contained in activated carbon. Or, as they are called scientifically, enterosorbents. Enterosobents - substances that remove toxins, stimulate the digestive tract and speed up the metabolism. How to lose weight with activated carbon To lose weight with activated charcoal, no special diet is needed. It is enough just to take 1 tablet of activated carbon daily for every 10 pounds of weight. It is better to take activated charcoal before meals. The first day you can start with 3 tablets and gradually increase their amount one by one to the desired one. You can combine coal with any food. It is better to drink it with non-carbonated plain water. activated carbon slimming How much can you lose weight with activated charcoal Activated carbon can help you lose up to 3 kilograms per week. IN THE TOPIC: Proper nutrition for weight loss: a menu for 7 days from Anna Butkevich But teach that if you eat right and drink plenty of water, the effect will be even better. After all, coal is not a panacea, but an assistant in losing weight. how to lose weight with activated charcoal IN THE TOPIC: 5 best express diets for weight loss in three days Contraindications for weight loss with activated charcoal Since activated carbon acts on the stomach, those who have problems with it, such a diet is contraindicated. Otherwise, it is a natural remedy that does not harm the body.
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