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JoomDOC Editions Comparison

JoomDOC 3/4 is available in 3 editions differing in features - Standard, Pro & Enterprise. Each of them is further offered with different support levels - with / without guaranteed support reply times. You can learn more and compare using the table bellow.

JoomDOC Editions Table

EditionStandard FreeStandard PaidProPro VIP
EnterpriseEnterprise VIP
Feature Set Basic Basic Advanced Advanced Full Full
Number of documents Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Categorizing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Document multi-upload Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ACL Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Document Versioning No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fulltext Search No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote editing
No No No No Yes Yes
Credits Info (ad-link) Always Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Support Level*
Minimum Standard Standard VIP Standard VIP
Paid Support Available Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Updates Available Yes 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
License and Pricing
License GNU GPL v3
Pricing Free EUR 29 EUR 49 EUR 99 EUR 149 EUR 299
How to get Download Buy now! Buy now! Buy now! Buy now! Buy now!

Support Levels

Minimum - This support level does not guarantee anything. You need to rely on support provided by component community members at forums.

Standard - Support is guaranteed by ARTIO. However, this level of support has no defined response time. Mostly the support questions are answered within 5 business days.

VIP - Support is guaranteed by ARTIO with defined response time within 2 business days.

Paid Support - In case you need even faster response time or indidivual development or customization, you can always book a paid support with us.

JoomDOC Standard Features List

  • Creating folders to organize files
  • File uploads (so far only on backend)
  • Multi-upload as a ZIP package
  • File / folder renaming (so far only on backend)
  • Tagging documents with metadata - description, keywords
  • Frontend menu mapping to document root / folder / document

JoomDOC Pro Features List

in addition to Standard version

  • Automatic document versioning
  • Full-text search in document content (for supported file types)

JoomDOC Enterprise Features List

in addition to Pro version

  • Remote file editing using WebDAV
  • Smooth integration with Microsoft Office or OpenOffice
  • Automatic re-upload to server after saving on client computer
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