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Profile URL Community Builder
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TOPIC: Profile URL Community Builder

Re:Profile URL Community Builder 13 years, 2 months ago #15115

  • zait
  • Posts: 1
I enable CB in Joomsef almost all its ok

I have error like this
No valid database connection You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 SQL=SELECT `username` FROM `enas_users` WHERE `id` =

Its only appear on account of the user if you watch not your profile its dont appear.

Any ideas why is that?

Re:Profile URL Community Builder 13 years ago #18960

david wrote:

Yes, the Community Builder extension can produce such links. You just need to go to Manage Extensions page in JoomSEF, open the Community Builder extension parameters and set the "Add menu title" option to "No" or "Except link to profile".

Best regards,
ARTIO Support Team

Hi ! Thanks for the tip. I would also like to get links in the form

But when I set the above, all the users in my user list get the same duplicate url : "". So clicking on any of their profiles opens invariably the first one.

If I set the "Handling" (on "Common" tab) to "Basic Joomsef rewriting", each user gets a distinct link based on the number of his/her profile : But this is not very nice : I would like to get rid of the "userprofile" (or at least be able to rewrite it with a word in the site's language, French), and to replace the number by the actual username. Any ideas ?

The userlist is here : The second configuration is enabled for the while, since the first makes the list completely unusable.

Re:Profile URL Community Builder 12 years, 12 months ago #19036

  • dajo
  • Posts: 5069

Our extension is probably not compatible with the version of CB you are using. We'll test it with the latest version and update it if necessary.

Best regards,
ARTIO Support Team
ARTIO Support Team

Re: Profile URL Community Builder 12 years, 10 months ago #19928


I have to problem also, than in the #18960 post.

I created userlist, where I see all users. I see in the Manage SEF URL's menu, that the JoomSEF crated the new url's etc.: It will be very good, BUT when I see on the userlist page, the all link is And alos created manage sef url, and it is all duplicated.

What can I do?

Re: Profile URL Community Builder 12 years, 7 months ago #21686


i use Version: 3.8.1 of JoomSef, Community Builder extension 2.0.0 an the CB self ist Version 1.4

The Userprofil doesnt Work like the other, it produces al link like .....userprofile (call everi time the first user), or when activatet duplicate numbering, userprofile-XXX but theres no way to get the Name.

Is there a plan for Upgrading the Extension for JoomSEF 3.x to work with the actual CB Version?


Re: Profile URL Community Builder 12 years, 7 months ago #21944

{I deleted my other post in another section of the forum}

This is something that really needs to be looked into. I am having a similar problem when using JoomSEF (paid version). As the other posters have stated, when I have JoomSEF turned on and the Community Builder Ext set to JoomSEF Handler (Common Tab), my site gives me the following links, which should all lead to our newest member for example:

Total Membership Module:

Then we have a menu item to go to the complete users list which is (see further down for more info):

And we have a menu item for the required User Profile link, which shows:

Now back to the Userlist page, when you click on the page the link to the same user (and all users for that matter) is the following;

Another thing, is that is also shows the same type of links (just above) for members that are logged in, under the who's online module. For example:
If I hover over my username being logged in, it shows
All other users are shown as

Also, the edit profile option does not work while the ext is running in the above settings.

Now, if I change the setting for JoomSEF Basic rewriting, we get the following for the same example user above:

Total Membership Module:

User list menu link:

Required profile menu item:

User link as shown on the user list page:

In the Who's online, I get the following for the ones listed above:
My user profile:
Other logged in user:

I wish I know more about making the ext.'s and understanding how they work, especially for JoomSEF and I would try and sit down to figure it out, but I have no understanding of them and looking at them I don't want to try right now.

Here is the information for my site that will be helpful, I currently have left the ext set to the Basic Rewriting, and would be will to help test any new version that you can come up with. Unlike some of the others, I don't mind if the link includes user-profile or userprofile, as long as its consistent.

Joomla! 1.5.23
Community Builder 1.4
JoomSEF 3.8.1 (paid version)
CB Ext 2.0.0 (date is shown to be June 5 2008)

Other items as well, but does not seem to be having an issues with.

Again, I am more than willing to make my site a test site (even though its live), since the ext can be removed and replaced if needed. Really would like to get this site to show in what I would consider a proper format.

Please help.
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