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What is a Сhina VPN
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TOPIC: What is a Сhina VPN

What is a Сhina VPN 3 months, 2 weeks ago #70240

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What is a VPN
A VPN is the easiest way to think of it as a secure tunnel between two places on the network. Similar to a mountain tunnel-no one outside can see what is happening inside, and no one can see what is happening in your private VPN tunnel.

At the technical level, a VPN is a connection method that provides many additional security benefits, especially for users who use public access points, such as at a hotel or airport.

How a VPN works
When connecting to the Internet without a VPN, traffic is freely transmitted from the computer to the provider's servers, and then sent on. In this form, data is vulnerable to attacks and third-party interventions at an intermediate stage.
The VPN encrypts all traffic on the device until it is transmitted. After this process, the traffic is sent to the provider's servers. In the reverse order, incoming traffic first gets to the VPN servers, is decrypted there, and then gets to the device. The VPN service uses its own IP addresses. In most cases, users can choose the physical location of the VPN server before connecting. This means that a VPN connection is a network within a network.

Types of VPN protocols
There are several types of VPN protocols. Here are the most popular:

IPsec. The secure IP Protocol (IPsec) was created for use with IPv4.
SSL / TLS: transport layer security (SSL / TLS) can tunnel all traffic on the network through a VPN connection. Used in the OpenVPN project.
SSH: VPN Secure Shell (SSH) uses tunneling to increase the security of intra-network channels.
SSTP: Microsoft Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) uses point-to-point Protocol (PPP) tunnels to send traffic over the SSL 3.0 channel.

Re: What is a Сhina VPN 3 months, 2 weeks ago #70538

Why is a VPN ideal for working remotely with sensitive data? VPN is also an effective and easy way to maintain your privacy when searching for information on the Internet. In fact, many experts recommend using a VPN when working on the Internet through a public, public Wi-Fi access point, as in this case, you can guarantee that all the data you send and receive will be encrypted and inaccessible to hackers.

Re: What is a Сhina VPN 3 months, 2 weeks ago #70550

Recently in the world of telecommunications there has been an increased interest in virtual private networks (VPNs). This is due to the need to reduce the cost of maintaining corporate networks due to the cheaper connection of remote offices and remote users via the Internet. Indeed, when comparing the cost of services for connecting several networks via the Internet, for example, with Frame Relay networks, you can notice a significant difference in cost.

Re: What is a Сhina VPN 3 months, 2 weeks ago #70560

Hardware based VPN. The option of building a VPN on special devices can be used in networks that require high performance. An example of such a solution is a product from a company. This product uses hardware-based encryption of transmitted information, capable of passing a stream to a VPN; it supports and the VPN key management mechanism is built using data tunneling protocols through a public Internet communications network, and tunneling protocols provide data encryption and transfer them through users.

Re: What is a Сhina VPN 3 months, 2 weeks ago #70903

The majority of free, well-rated mobile VPN applications are either owned by the Chinese or are based in another country with a complex traffic protection and control policy. Many of the VPNs for China that you can download and install for free do not even have formal privacy protection and generally do not offer user support.

Re: What is a Сhina VPN 3 months, 2 weeks ago #70906

Chinese users can bypass national content filtering using VPN services (virtual private network). The VPN service creates an encrypted tunnel for exchanging data between the user's computer and a secure server located outside of China. All web traffic passing through the VPN is encrypted, and therefore the Chinese content filter cannot "read" it. Encrypted web traffic can then be used to access blocked resources in normal mode.
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