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How to migrate VM Invoice 3 to VM Invoice 4?

Last revised:
Pondělí, 19 Červen 2023


VM Invoice 4 is a new version of VM Invoice compatible with Joomla! 4. Due to a lot of differences in its code compared to VM Invoice 3, it is offered as a separate component, but we've created a very simple tool to migrate all your configuration and created invoices from VM Invoice 3 to VM Invoice 4 in just a single click.

WARNING: Always backup your website and database before installing any components or making any significant changes!

Please follow this guide to install VM Invoice 4 and migrate all data from VM Invoice 3:

  1. Do NOT uninstall VM Invoice 3 before upgrading Joomla! to version 4, only disable System - VM Invoice 3 Autorun plugin or disable your Cron for automatic e-mails sending
  2. Backup your website and database
  3. Upgrade Joomla! to version 4
  4. Install VM Invoice 4 as usual
  5. When you open VM Invoice 4's Control Panel, you should see the following message at the top:
    "We've detected previous VM Invoice 3 installation. You can navigate to Migrate Data page to migrate all your invoices data and configuration to VM Invoice 4".
    Click the "Migrate Data" link to open the migration page.
  6. Make sure that all the listed tables are marked as "Found"
  7. Click the "Migrate" button in the toolbar
  8. Check that your configuration and invoices from VM Invoice 3 have been migrated to VM Invoice 4
  9. Now you can uninstall VM Invoice 3 as usual
  10. Enable System - VM Invoice 4 Autorun plugin or update and enable your Cron for automatic e-mails sending
  11. Congratulations! You have successfully migrated to VM Invoice 4


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