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What is a VPN
A VPN is the easiest way to think of it as a secure tunnel between two places on the network. Similar to a mountain tunnel-no one outside can see what is happening inside, and no one can see what is happening in your private VPN tunnel.

At the technical level, a VPN is a connection method that provides many additional security benefits, especially for users who use public access points, such as at a hotel or airport.

How a VPN works
When connecting to the Internet without a VPN, traffic is freely transmitted from the computer to the provider's servers, and then sent on. In this form, data is vulnerable to attacks and third-party interventions at an intermediate stage.
The VPN encrypts all traffic on the device until it is transmitted. After this process, the traffic is sent to the provider's servers. In the reverse order, incoming traffic first gets to the VPN servers, is decrypted there, and then gets to the device. The VPN service uses its own IP addresses. In most cases, users can choose the physical location of the VPN server before connecting. This means that a VPN connection is a network within a network.

Types of VPN protocols
There are several types of VPN protocols. Here are the most popular:

IPsec. The secure IP Protocol (IPsec) was created for use with IPv4.
SSL / TLS: transport layer security (SSL / TLS) can tunnel all traffic on the network through a VPN connection. Used in the OpenVPN project.
SSH: VPN Secure Shell (SSH) uses tunneling to increase the security of intra-network channels.
SSTP: Microsoft Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) uses point-to-point Protocol (PPP) tunnels to send traffic over the SSL 3.0 channel.
What is a Сhina VPN
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Internet safety. NordVPN 评测
Because of the increased surveillance of search engines and advanced hackers, people are seriously thinking about their security on the Internet. While unauthorized access to user data does not require even the skills of a hacker, and even schoolchildren can successfully cope with this, it is at least unwise to neglect connection protection. Previously, the Internet was used mainly for surfing, but today we have social networks, mail, online banking, payments in various services, electronic money, etc., and we would not like such personal information to be opened to someone else.

We risk security on the Internet every day. Every time you connect to an open Wi-Fi network, anyone with a little skill can view everything you send to the network: logins, passwords, downloads, information from search engines. But quite often we also make purchases, pay for tickets, transfer money, and just correspond about something personal. Not connecting to anything at all other than your home network is also not an option. However, there is still a way out.
Internet safety. Nor ...
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