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I was using Joomsef 1.4 before and now I upgraded to 2.10.
I set Artio to skip the mamblog, JEvents and Attend Events components since they were not working properly with it.
That solved the issue of having thousands of links created due to the calendar.
Now I have only 34 links and most of the links have a -2 appended to them.
Like....pages/business-2.html, etc....
I tried renaming the pages to remove the -2 but I get the \"URL already on the database\".
How do I fix this issue without having to wipe the table?

Thank you,

How do I solve the \ ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
I had JEvents installed with JoomSEF and then out of a sudden I started getting an error on JEvents: \"Too many pages\"
I did a search for that error related to JEvents and on the Joomlacode Tracker page for JEvents someone pointed me to an incompatibility between JEvents and Artio JoomSEF.
I did notice that my JoomSEF installation was creating too many copies of the same pages.
I wonder if this was solved with v2? Can I stop JoomSEF from multiplying the number of pages? Will that maintain the page names? I don't want to have to change them all manually....
Also...has someone found a solution to the \"Too many pages\" error ?

Thank you in advance,

JoomSEF causing JEve ...
Category: JoomSEF 3

I read all the instructions about setting IIS up for Artio to work.
The issue is that the site is hosted on a remote host and I don't have access to the root files.
I was able to create a web.config file with the text specified (changed the path to the correct folder) and uploaded to the site's root.
I still get 404 errors when I enable SEF on the global configuration. The .htaccess file has the text posted on the documentation and the rewritebase has been adjusted to point to the right folder.
I don't know what else to do to fix this issue.
Any help is appreciated.

Artio in IIS not wo ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
Is there a known bug for Joomsef and Login Extended?
I am trying to redirect my users to a page after login and I keep getting 404 errors.
I have edited the item the login is trying to find and still no go.....

Joomsef and Login Ex ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
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