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Hi. This last fix finally seems to have worked.

What is the down side? Will it not refresh product listings when a product is edited or is there any kind of trade off?
Backend painfully sl ...
Category: Customer Support

I did the code change as suggested here:

But unfortunately it didn't improve. Editing a product takes up to 30 seconds and some other backend pages take just as long just to load. Again, as soon as I disabled the extension, it all went back to normal.
Backend painfully sl ...
Category: Customer Support
I have M Turbo Full and eacht time I enable it, the backend becomes so slow it is unusable. MTurbo is no doubt the reason as the moment I disable it via XML, and without changing anything else, everything goes back to normal.

I have tried the recommendations on this thread:

- Checked the core_config queue record and it is "0!"
- Disabled ALL Magento caches

... and still very slow. If it is going to be like this, I will NOT be able to use the extension at all.

I access the backend using SSL and through a subdomain "" (which is the same as my website's checkout etc) so not sure if the HTACCESS has problems with that?

The cached front end pages work like a charm when the extension is running, so it is a shame I cannot use it.
Backend painfully sl ...
Category: Customer Support
Did you disable all Magento caches or just HTML blocks?
Mturbo Magento admin ...
Category: M-Turbo
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