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Hi Anyone ..???

It is really important to fix this ...

JoomGallery Slidesho ...
Category: JoomSEF
Hi All,

I have installed the Artio JoomSef and the joomgallery plugin on a site that uses Joomgallery to show images. I am having a problem which I think has to do with JoomSef (but I am not 100% Sure)

On joomgallery when you view an Image (image details page) , under the image there is a small play button , that when you click it, it pops-up a small box and starts automatically show all images in the category in a slide show way. This is performed using javascript as far as I know.

This used to work normally , but now , after installing the JoomSef, when I click the "play " button nothing happens .

any ideas ..will most welcomed.

Best Regards
JoomGallery Slidesho ...
Category: JoomSEF
Hi Jan,

Thanks for the seems that as soon as I changed the ARTIO JoomSEF -->joomfish configuration into "do not integrated the language" everything was solved :)

JoomGallery problem
Category: Extensions
Hi ,

I just bought the ArtioSef and the JoomGallery ext. I have a site that mostly uses two components the latest Joomgallery and the Jmultimedia (used to simple show YouTube Compontent) .

My site is both in English and Greek (using the JoomFish). Now the problem is this :

In joomgallery, when the site is in English and I click to view an image(or category) in jommgallery then the sites URL looks like normally using my Greek Joomgallery categories names inside the URL.

But when the site is in Greek and I click on any JoomGallery Image.... sometimes the image is not showed and when it is showed in the url I can see only numbers ie.e

An for the Jmultimedia ..I get a 500 error in any video I select to choose....

Any ideas ...??

JoomGallery problem
Category: Extensions
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