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hello all

i bought the extention, i turned on the seo and rewrite from the joomla global configartion and cleared the third level cache of sobi2

i had cleared all cache from joomsef and purged url and when i press update url he doesnt find no sobi2 entries or nothing

what can i do?!?

thanks, ronen
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hello eveerybody,

i am using artio sef on my site ofcourse, and i looked into my code and saw something i didnt liked so i downloaded the site to my localhost and fixed it.

after i fixed it, i took the file and uploaded it to my live site - no changes were made.

after lots of trying all sorts of stuff i removed artio and all its data and then the change has made - so as i understand it its probably because of artio chace or something like that.

i tried cleaning the cache, i tried purging the urls and i tried updating them and nothing happens except only if i remove completly artio which i dont want to do

is anybody has an idea for me?

thanks, ronen
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hello everybody!

i use hwdvideoshare with joomsef and i did a scan of my site in google (site: .....) and i found out google indexed all sorts of links like login pages, ajax pages and all sorts of weird links.

i am pretty sure its becuase of the artio sef list.

i am wondering, is that happend to anyone else? and how can i make all this unwanted pages not to be presented on my site and indexed into google?

thanks, ronen
google indexed some ...
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