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Worked for me too!
Docman View Button B ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
I installed JoomDOC 2.02 to replace DOCMAN 1.4 to manage downloading of a handful of PDF files.
The program loaded fine and the DOCMAN migration went well. However, where ever I try to use the Latest Download module I get a error page for an "HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error". The same thing occurs when I try the "Most Download" module.

I tried to completely unisntall all the DOCMAN modules but it had no effect. What should I do now?
Latest Download caus ...
Category: JoomDOC
I have two Joomla 1.5 sites that have both DOCMAN 1.4 installed and Artio JoomSEF and both are experiencing the same problem with the Docman's View button feature.

When JoomSEF is enabled the View Button produces an invalid link because it puts the backslash in the wrong place when creating the URL - "www.mysite.orgindex.php/?option=com_docman..." Note the slash is after index.php instead of before it.

When JoomSEF is totally disabled for the site the VIEW Button works and produces links like -""

When Joomla's default SEF is active and JoomSEF is inactive the View works and produces a link like: ""

I have tried enabling JoomSEF and setting the DocMan extension to using the "Default Joomla! router" and then to "Not using SEF " but both still produce the bad link. The Docman View button problem only goes away when I completely disable JoomSEF for the entire site.

The DOWNLOAD and DETAILS buttons both work fine. The problem is only with the VIEW button.

Because JoomSEF doesn't do this anywhere else, including the Download and Details buttons, I suspect that something is different about the code for View button that trips up JoomSEF.

What could be happening here? How can I fix this. I will try to post this on the DocMan site also.
Docman View Button B ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
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