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So i had this working good for a bit, but then of recent it said my license was invalid. I thenhit save and it was valid again. since then my site has been slow as hell. hostgator said there was an endless loop related to the license check:

Your recent problem was due directly to the M-Turbo module. This was the component that was caught in a loop which I believe was related to it doing its license check. I copied your license string fro M-Turbo to /home/rocn/mturbolic.txt and uninstalled the module. Unfortunately, this only resulted in returning your site to its previous "working but very slow" state.

Any ideas how we can fix this??
Endless Loop Related ...
Category: M-Turbo
Can you advise me on how to manually install the plugin? The instrucitons on site of just copying app to app dont make sense. Please help, i want to manually install then purchase
manual install
Category: M-Turbo
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