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you never can understand all, because you never will see everthing...


hi herbie5300

as promised - packed file with german translation (not complete yet)
please read the readme-file

have fun, even though it is much work to do...


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Dutch language files
Category: JoomDOC

What do you think about the possibility to translate all files to your local language by using this homepage. I saw this with "foxit" - a pdf-reader - , it was well done and in a short time all important things has been translated to the custom language by useres.
on the other hand, even a special part on this homepage, where user can post there translations, would be usefull, don´t you think...

Maybe you can check, if this is possible?

best regards
Online Translation
Category: JoomDOC

u sprekt duits? You speek german? if so, I´d forward german translations to you and you can translate it to dutch.
but it is even possible to do it from english.

Some things to remember:
only translating the *ini-Files is at least not enough. as a little bug, frontpage items and also some admin-items will be filled with entries from a file called english.php in com.../joomdoc/views/themes/default/language.

So this one has to be translated, all the files in /Language and administrator/language relationg to Joomdoc, then you will get the effect.
also important: all has to be encoded in UTF8, NOT Ansi or way to do is to edit it by something like notepad ++

if you are interested, let me know

best regards

Dutch language files
Category: JoomDOC
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