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Hi guys.
i am using the Joomsef free version on 4 sites and about to upgrade to the paid version BUT...
On on of my sites the meta tags are not working or not overwriting what i think is the systems tags.
I am running the latest version of joomasef and joomla.

Can anyone help with this?

Tnx in advance
Meta tags are not wo ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
Hi all.
I am a newbiw here and need your help.
I have Joomal with artio sef and virtuemart.. all latest version.
All is working fine when it comes to menus and articles BUT when i made 3 menu links that point to:
1. shop
2. check out
3. products
All the menu item are having the same url made by sef and therefore all pointing to the same place on the virtuemarts shop.
I have checkt the DB in the menu table - all is ok.
I have check the list of friendly urls in artio - Only the first menu item is listed but the other 2 are not. So i made it manualy. If the sef is disabled all is working fine. With it, all 3 menu items have the same url that they are pointing to.

I am about to go crazy.. help anyone?

Tnx guys

btw - yopu can check it yourself: there are 3 items on the left menu at the end: webshop, mycart and vm users
Same pointing of url
Category: JoomSEF 3
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