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Click an article on homepage, it reloads homepage?
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TOPIC: Click an article on homepage, it reloads homepage?

Click an article on homepage, it reloads homepage? 14 years, 6 months ago #9882

Reposting since I didn't post in the right place:

I installed everything correctly and have the correct .htaccess file info (copy/pasted it) that is in my root since that's where my joomla site is.

Global SEF URLs Enabled
Apache mod_rewrite Enabled
JoomSEF Enabled
JoomSEF plugin Enabled
Creation of new URLs Enabled

(I use Joomla 1.5.15 and and the newest Artio 3.5.3 version. Use HostGator as webhost and and everything meets the requirements. )

Every time I click an article on the frontpage, it reloads the frontpage AND puts the article/content in or with it. Actually the URL is no longer, but example: BUT it STILL loads everything that was on my frontpage - so it looks as if my frontpage is just being reloaded.

The article is in the middle of the page with the home/front page (with all the modules) being shown too.

Do I have to go into the 'content' extension and make changes there? OR Change something under the Config Basic or Advance?

When I go to the article directory (alpha content) that I created and click a article from there - it works correctly and will not load the front page......

It's too bad because I've ALSO installed the Artio extenions for Community Builder, Kunena Forums and already mentioned Alpha Content, and all 3 extensions are working properly for those guys.

Just this darn article / content issue/problem - which wants to reload the homepage when clicking an article from the frontpage/homepage.
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Re:Click an article on homepage, it reloads homepage? 14 years, 5 months ago #10723

I have a similar problem and was searching past posts. I see this one was never addressed, so I wanted to bump this in case someone has the answer.

JoomSEF seems to work find on about 90% of the links throughout the site, but I have noticed that some links just refresh the page. So far I have only noticed these on the front page, and could not replicate the problem on any internal pages.

One strange thing about it is that it gets the same problem even if I copy and paste the url into a different browser. Example:


You'll notice it loads the front page rather than loading the article that it should be pointing to.

What could cause the link to just load the front page like this?

I am trying to think of some options here, but I don't know enough about JoomSEF to make a determination. I do know that the links in that area worked fine prior to JoomSEF. I also know that there is a published article that it should be linking to, it's just that JoomSEF is not bringing up the right location, for whatever reason.

I also wonder if it may be category specific. These links are from content that is stored in a Section and Category, but there are no menu links or anything else pointing to the category. Could that cause a problem? I don't see any reason why it should matter, but again, I'm not yet fluent in JoomSEF, so I don't want to rule out anything as a possibility.

Update: Whatever the conflict is, it seems to be stopping the "Latest News" from updating too.

Solved: Now that I've solved it, I feel like I should be wearing a dunce cap. ;)

Should anyone else experience this in the future, go to Global Configurations in the Joomla Admin panel and check your Apache mod_rewrite. I had forgot to turn mine on. Once I enabled it, the problem cleared up. I'm still baffled as to why only front page articles had this problem, but as long as it works now, I'm happy.
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Re:Click an article on homepage, it reloads homepage? 14 years, 5 months ago #10732

Wow, just when I thought I was finished with this problem...

It seems that links from a particular category are still having that problem. Now that I think about it, the links I had problems with before were also from the same category, so I guess enabling mod_rewrite didn't fix it at all, it was just coincidence that different links were on the page at the time I did that change.

3am here so I'll probably do better tomorrow with a rested brain. I just thought I would leave a note here in case anyone has a suggestion on where to look.
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Re:Click an article on homepage, it reloads homepage? 14 years, 5 months ago #10738

  • jaku
Q: What could cause the link to just load the front page like this?

A: There might be several reasons - for example a 404 error and setting that Not found pages are redirected to homepage. Plus conflict of some category name with an existing directory of the site that would cause this 404 error.

Maybe the best would be if you could give examples of the problematic links.
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Re:Click an article on homepage, it reloads homepage? 14 years, 5 months ago #10767

Thank you, Jan. I do appreciate your time very much.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:


Scroll down slightly until you are under the slideshow, and you will see a section titled "Sc###es Gear". I mention this one first because this is stationary - the other links I was talking about may rotate off before you get to the site. Anyway, I currently have this under:

Section: demo
Category: demo content 2
Article: Gear Up

(there are also categories for demo content 1 and demo content 3, if that matters).

The section, category and article are all published. When you click the link, it points to the correct url (or at least I think it is correct):


However, as you can see, the link loads the front page instead of loading the article. Even if you copy and paste the url directly into the address bar, you get the same result. In the case of this link, I get the same problem even if I try to paste the old joomla url into the browser, so that might be a clue:



The other area where I have noticed this problem, and the place I was talking about last night, is also on the front page. If you scroll down on the page to where you see "Sports Newswire" on the right column, any links that say they are from "Misc Sports" have this same problem. I'm not sure if any other categorieshave this problem, but at least some of the others (NHL, NBA, MLB, etc) do not have this problem.

At the moment, the top item I see listed is a title in Misc Sports, which points here:


And again, the original link has the same problem:


Also, if you were to click on the category link there for Misc Sports:


and the original:


Now, in the case of Misc Sports, I'm fairly sure I was clicking these links just fine prior to SEF, but I'm not sure about the link to S Gear. I have a feeling that it is something to do with the category itself, so a couple of notes about these categories:

1. They have unique names that are not shared by any other category. I dont think that would matter though, because I have several sections that have generic categories, like Teams, Scores, etc, and those categories are all functioning normally.

2. The only thing I am aware of that is different from these categories and the ones that are working is that the problem categories do not have any menu links pointing to them - they are just categories to hold content for my modules to pull articles from. I don't see why that should matter as long as the category and article are valid, but maybe I'm learning something new here. Does publishing a menu link to a category have any relevence??

I'm going to keep investigating this and will let you know if I find the solution, or if you think of anything, I would really appreciate the advice.

Thanks again, Jan. You're doing a remarkable job keeping track of all these threads.

Added Note: I'm not sure that it matters, but what I am viewing this site on is Windows 7 + IE8. I get the same problem with Windows 7 + Firefox 3.5.8
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Re:Click an article on homepage, it reloads homepage? 14 years, 5 months ago #10787

I had solved this yesterday, but when I came back to post the solution, the site was down. Should anyone in the future be experiencing this, the problem was simply that I did not have a menu item associated with the category.

In inspecting the links, I noticed that Joomsef had all the problem links ending in "itemid=1". When I looked this up, I saw that it referred to the menu that the category was listed in.

Solution - I created a new menu called file library and left the module info blank, so that it is not displayed on the web site. I then created menu links to all of these categories, then went back to JoomSEF and purged all of the existing links. Everything works beautifully now.

Funny, I've been using Joomla for 3 years on a dozen sites and have never encountered this. I had no idea that you weren't allowed to have a category without it being associated to a menu. I guess you never stop learning. ;)
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