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JoomSEF disables Menu Item Parameters completely
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TOPIC: JoomSEF disables Menu Item Parameters completely

JoomSEF disables Menu Item Parameters completely 13 years ago #22982

HI There
my order id is 16866.
my download id is ID: 9470421
As for my query:

I on J1.5 and run JoomSEF paid version, and am quite sure JoomSEF is the problem by turning it on and off.
I appear to have an issue whereby if I create say a new menu item, type category blog and set the basic paras apart from default , say 1,20 2 20, as in leading, intro, columns and links, and any component parameters they are ignored completely. The same happens to menu items created long ago and if I try adjust those nothing happens. I tested various and something led me to JoomSEF and I did confirm that it appears to be JoomSEF causing this issue by disabling/enabling.
I know about settings in JoomSEF per content extension, but as I am not running any other content extension like K2 or any article extension, its just raw Joomla I cannot see how the settings appear to affect the menu items so dramatically.
Any ideas? or am I doing something wrong?

I wish to add on disabling and re enabling again, that on this occasion its interesting that JoomSEF appears to use the Joomla default paras for menu list, i.e 1,4,2,4. I can confirm the first 3 are for fact, I cannot confirm the link para, the fourth one. This still points at JoomSEF, somewhere somehow it is using default like paras or in other words ignoring my menu item settings.
Thanks in advance
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Re: JoomSEF disables Menu Item Parameters completely 13 years ago #23172

I believe I have worked it out myself after much trial and error.
Its the setting for 'Exclude Source Info" believe it or not will determine if JoomSEF pays attention to or ignores all the menu item parameters.
Set to No means it will continue to obey layout set by menu item.
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