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50000 db queries in 1 hour?
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TOPIC: 50000 db queries in 1 hour?

50000 db queries in 1 hour? 14 years, 9 months ago #318

  • Miguel
I installed Artio JoomSEF a week ago. And what a great component! Everything was working fine the first day, but very soon when I tried to connect to my web site I got a message saying that the database user had exceeded the limit of 50000 queries in one hour. I found out that my hosting service has an automatic protection by which it temporarily suspends any db user that exceeds that limit. The solution is simple: I had to go to the control panel, erase and user and create it again. But this happened every day for 4 days until I uninstalled Artio.

I started investigating and I found out in the Joomla forums that SEF components, as well as statistic components, make the db work much more. In fact, depending on the component each time you load a page you might be doing 4 to 5 queries more than if you didn't have the component. Still, my web site doesn't have a lot of traffic, especially not to generate 50000 queries in one hour.

I kept investigating and I found out by looking at Google's webmaster tools and my server statistics that I had more than 15000 not found 404 hits in my website. All of them probably done by search engine robots. It seems that these nasty bots use the index that they have to crawl your web site. Since I just changed to Joomla the bots are all looking in the wrong addresses. From what I gathered these lost links will just fade out in the next week.

Before I installed Artio the 404 page that comes up each time a bot crawled my site is the generic server page that I have. But since I installed Artio the 404 page that is loaded is the one embedded in Joomla. This page generates a few queries on the database. This multiplied by 2000 (just with Google's bot) and multiplied again by all the bots there are is probably responsible for the 50000 queries in one hour.

I don't know if I am mistaken about all this. The only thing I know for sure is that since I uninstalled Artio I don't have this problem. I wish I could install it again. Anybody has a suggestion? Is there some way I can point to my server 404 page after I install Artio? Would that solve the problem?

Re:50000 db queries in 1 hour? 14 years, 9 months ago #373

  • Marcin
Do you have any answer to that question ? I'm very interested in this topic.

I also have an observation that after installation of Artio JoomSEF my pages load more lazy. Do you know any suggestion in this question also ?

Re:50000 db queries in 1 hour? 14 years, 9 months ago #374

  • miun
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we suggest adding an index to 'oldurl' column in your database.
Either you can download the latest release where this has been added to install script (1.2.5, updated today) or add the index manualy using a query like:

CREATE INDEX `oldurl` ON `jos_redirection` (`oldurl`)

I think this might help you (and your DB also).

Best regards,
Michal.<br><br>Post edited by: michal, at: 2006/10/01 00:52
ARTIO Support Team
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