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Pb with Joomfish
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TOPIC: Pb with Joomfish

Pb with Joomfish 14 years, 9 months ago #197

  • shumisha
Hello all,

I have installed ArtioSEF V 1.2.3 and Joomfish 1.7. Site is French+English, French being defaul. I am facing two issues :

1 - duplicate content, as already mentioned in another thread in this forum : each page can be accessed through :
as well as mydomain.tld/TitleofPage-2_fr.html

where fr is the default language. The english version is accessed through mydomain.tld/TitleOfPage-2_en.html

2 - The other big issue is that titles (and possibly aliases) are not translated when used to form the urls. ie I should have mydomain.tld/TitleOfPage.html in English, and mydomain.tld/TitreDePage.html in French. But for some reason this is not happening

Can someone shed any light on this ?

Thanks for any help

Re:Pb with Joomfish 14 years, 9 months ago #212

  • jirka
Hello shumisha,

ad 1) it is not bug, it is a feature ;-)
It is caused by how JoomFish works, so it is not even planned to be changed in close future. Does this behaviour mean any real problem for you?

ad 2) the URLs are created from the original names (titles or aliases), not from JoomFish translations, so this behaviour is also as expected. I understand your point and maybe we will implement a possibility to use JoomFish based translations instead of the original ones. Unfortnuatelly right now, the originals will be used always.


Re:Pb with Joomfish 14 years, 9 months ago #214

  • shumisha
Hello Jiri,

Thanks for your answer !

1 - about accessing the same pages with 2 URL : I have worked on it today, so I did realise it is coming from Joomfish. I am quite surprised you have not met this (as a problem I mean) before. Duplicate content is one of the major issue for Google. It will set you back many pages in its ranking if its find this, because it believes you are trying to make "false" content, pretending to have more content than you really have. You are much better off not having any URL rewriting at all (I mean index.php?option=com_content&id=...) than having duplicate content !!! There are tons of information on this on the internet, especially on SearchEngineWatch or Webmasterworld

I have worked out a fix today. Not in the Fish because it is too complex, but I have made a workaround in ARTIOSEF. Basically, I check if the language requested is the default language, and if so, I just discard the lnaguage information, so as to come back to the normal URL. Only URLs for language #2, #3,... have language infromation appended.

2 - Well I have been working on this as well, and I do not understand why titles and aliases are not translated. Joomfish (1.7) adds its own database laye, which replaces Joomla own. When anyone queries the DB for content, menu items, category name or whatever, the request is processed transparently to return the content version in the right language. This mechanism does not work when ARTISEO places its request for titles (in getContentTitles()), and I cannot figure out why for now. if you have any pointer to why it is not wokring ?
I'll keep working on it, as I badly need rewritten URL AND Joomfish. I'll send you the fixes for 1 when I know if 2/ is feasible.

Re:Pb with Joomfish 14 years, 9 months ago #215

  • jirka

I agree. It this just question of time. We plan more improvements compared to the original 404SEF, but any improved code is welcome. We will be looking forward to your submits.


Re:Pb with Joomfish 14 years, 9 months ago #241

  • Dion
shumisha can you post your workaround/fix in this forum ?

That would be a great help


Re:Pb with Joomfish 14 years, 9 months ago #242

  • shumisha
Hello !

Sorry, I cannot post immediately, I am still working on the second issue, and I need to test both. I have made progress on this issue as well, as I have found that Joomfish requires that the primary key of each table be included in the select statement for the items to be translated. So I have now urls that are translated, but that has created an issue with the Joomfish language selection module, and I have to make a few changes to it as well. Hopefully, it will be only a few days before I can post something (for you to test!). My tests are mostly with articles, regular content. I suspect there can be issues when using components, etc
I have not fixed the home page either, which is a handled separately, but that'll be quick.
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