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TOPIC: site name

site name 14 years, 1 month ago #11958

Hi folks,

Just curious, i am working on a revision on a new site, hosted by VPS, so now i manage everything.

I have not transfered the dns to the new servers so i reach my site via IP

Do i need to do anything extra with artio sef to get it to work? cause i went through the same settings as i have on live site and i cant get it to work.

It does not want to update url and other issues.

Re:site name 14 years, 1 month ago #11977

  • dajo
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There shouldn't be any problem using JoomSEF with IP access. Could you describe the problems you encounter more precisely? What do you mean by "update url" - are there still index.php?option=...&... URLs instead of SEF URLs on your site?
Please, go to JoomSEF Control panel and check that everything is enabled in SEF Status panel.

Best regards,
ARTIO Support Team
ARTIO Support Team

Re:site name 14 years, 1 month ago #11987

Ok so i know i provided little useful info.

1. I am running my site on a VPS box. Apache 2, latest joomla, fedora core 12. Varnish as a LB

I made the DNS switch so now the site is reached by

I set up .httaccess as instructed by your guide.

At the current moment, only the front page loads, everything else gives me a NOT FOUND error.

Even though i log into the admin and check the SEF URL's they are there and being updated.

When i shut down SEF everything start working again.

Do i need to have any other special entries in .httaccess file for VPS servers? or its more of apache issue?
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