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"tax summary and total" calculations
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TOPIC: "tax summary and total" calculations

"tax summary and total" calculations 12 years, 4 months ago #23299

a quick note to the developers; after quite a few questions from the customers, I decided the rise this with you guys.. the totals and tax summary is a bit confusing for some people, although I tried to explain each time, I think it will make more sense if you can make it a bit clearer to understand.

I attached a screenshot with notes on it, please check it.

#1 First line of tax summary belongs to "handling and shipping" but there is no field title there, so it is a bit unclear for some people.

#2 Subtotals field actually showing "totals" and this is inaccurate. This field should show "sub-totals" as the title suggests (in other words without shipping). I did manual calculations on the screenshot for you to understand better.

#3 Totals field: this is the totals field (sub-total field figures should be here).

PS. this is rather not crucial but SKU is mis-aligned to right.

Hope this is clear, any questions please ask.

Thank you

Joomla 1.5.23
VM 1.1.9
VM Invoice 1.5.5
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Re: "tax summary and total" calculations 12 years, 4 months ago #23339

  • jaku
please, try with the latest version.
There were some fixes regarding this.
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Re: "tax summary and total" calculations 12 years, 4 months ago #23347

hi Jan,

Thank you for your response. The support you provide makes Artio different from others.

I have upgraded to 1.5.6 and from my side it is unfortunately still the same. see a new screenshot attached.


- no "shipping title" present
- tax "sub-totals" are still showing "totals"
- and finally last line "total" is not showing the totals (should be showing what is in sub-total line).

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Re: "tax summary and total" calculations 12 years, 4 months ago #23354

  • jaku
Well, we did not follow your advices directly, as the meaning of the "tax summary" is a bit different.

I do not know how it is exactly in GB, but here, we have different VAT rates - 0%, 10% or 20%.
In so called "tax summary", all items on the invoice are summarized by the tax rate.

That means sum of all items that are taxed 20%, respectivelly 10% or 0%.
There was bug in the previous version, as it only showed there the shipping cost.

This was now fixed, so it shows correctly sum of all items on invoice. In your case, all items are taxed by 20%, so they are all in the summary, incl. the shipping costs.

The texts Subtotal and Total may be a bit misleading.
Anyway, "subtotal" shows summarization of all the items on invoice (so it is like total, but it shows all individual columns, incl. tax, netto and brutto summaries) while Total line only shows result ammount that was / should be paid. (that is the total brutto price)
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Re: "tax summary and total" calculations 12 years, 4 months ago #23357

Hi Jan,

It makes more sense when you explain. There are different tax levels in GB too, but we only sell one type of product which has 20% tax (vat).

I understand the difficulty of having a universal component that can be used in different countries. But I think it would still make sense to give shipping summary separately which will probably be welcomed by other users.

All I am after is "shipping summary: shipping cost + tax", "subtotal: sold products cost + tax" and "total: which will be shipping summary + subtotal". I can send some invoice samples if required.

These may not be standard for everybody but you could maybe include these two options in the invoice configuration:

- show shipping summary (inc tax info) [this would be another line above subtotal]
- show subtotal including shipping (yes/no)

then everybody can configure their invoices the way they need.

thank you
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Re: "tax summary and total" calculations 12 years, 4 months ago #23403

Hi, sorry if I placed this in the wrong section but it relates to the shipping tax.
For some reason if shipping option is changed within VMINVOICE and the shipping fee is removed, the tax remains.


Tried everything but just can't get rid of it.
Shows on the invoice but is not included in the price.

Also states that coupon code does not work (AWO coupon) but it does!

Do love all the new features though.
I still use another program to add my orders as it faster.
Add orders lists all the products so you can quickly choose quantity and add several or all to cart in one hit which is a lot faster.

Some suggestions for future Add-ons -

Allow a default input (that can be altered) for -
Status, Vendor, Currency, Payment etc as these are also time consuming to alter each time.

Option to delete an order/invoice in full Invoice list mode.

Option to add customer note to Invoices or even better an Admin notes panel.

Add shipping number (tracking #) to delivery note email- preferably in the view of all the invoices (list) to either send with update to customer or automatically added to delivery note.

Mailing configuration for both Delivery Note and Invoice (so they can be different).

Option to print the address for labeling (PDF) and allow multiple as it currently does with Invoices but not delivery note PDFs! (I think everyone is looking forward to a labeling option for chosen invoices)

Keep up the good work
Thanks Sam.
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