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Missing Features
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If you have suggestion for a new feature you would need or that other may appreciate, or you have suggestion for improvemnt or change, you may post such ideas in this category.
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TOPIC: Missing Features

Missing Features 10 years, 6 months ago #20989

Firstly what is there so far is great especially the front end invoice PDF feature.

As a larger business that can do over 100 deliveries per week the system is not practical for the following reasons, most of which could possibly be easily applied to the program.

1. Probably the most important is either a label print view - to apply labels to orders (this could be a future add-on for simple single label printing) or for the time being a print button for Delivery Notes as well as Invoices.
I am sure this can be implemented very easily. Trying to print 100 Delivery Notes to be used as Delivery addresses (folded and placed into a sleeve) every week manually is very time consuming and not practical.
We sell to businesses as well as the general public, in the business field they do NOT want invoices sent with delivery of stock, and in the public sector sometimes orders are made as a gift or on-sold.
Virtuemart allows multiple delivery addresses which is a bonus for this feature and should be utilised.

2. Email Template option for both Invoices and Delivery notes, a single template doesn't make sense.
Both require different text such as 'Thank you for your payment, Please find attached your invoice' or 'Your product is ready for shipping, Please find attached your packing slip copy'.

3. No label printing option, a button next to invoice (and hopefully a Delivery Note button in the future) for the multiple print option, would be ideal to show just the address for each delivery note.
Most businesses have single print label printers and the label size for shipping is generally standard.

These are the main issues that have popped up after just a day of trialling.

The are other features that would be great such as Add Order (for phone or fax orders) would be great but there are other modules that can do that while still using this one.
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Re: Missing Features 10 years, 6 months ago #20994

Hi Sam,

do you use virtuemart? Than labelprinting is very easy and you can send the vm invoice automatically when you change the order status.
I have made a little change in the virtuemart, so i can easily print labels.

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Re: Missing Features 10 years, 6 months ago #21000

Thanks for the reply.
Yes I use Virtuemart.
I realise that Invoices can be auto sent but what I need is the ability to print all the Delivery Notes for our warehouse.
I am keen to know what changes you made to get print label option.
Can you print off labels for all Delivery notes or even Invoices or is it one at a time?
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Re: Missing Features 10 years, 6 months ago #21001

Hey Sam,

you can individualise it. i use din a4 labels from dhl. in the upper half i have an sticker for the adresslabel and in the lower half i print the delivery note. but if you use it in another way, no problem, you can change the file as you want it! I have a second page that i print where i say hello to my customers with a lot of informations and some news about products... very individual. look at the attachment!
Hope it will be good for you.. it is so easy to handle!


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Re: Missing Features 10 years, 6 months ago #21010

Thanks again.
The attachment came up as php files which I have no idea how to open but I appreciate the effort.
I couldn't utilise an a4 sheet as my delivery address stickers , especially not 100+ a week.
But I may be able to set-up the printer to somehow reduce the print to fit stickers.
Where you able to override the invoice button on top of the screen to print (all in one go) Delivery Notes instead of printing one at a time?
Also what changes did you make to the script to alter the delivery note?
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Re: Missing Features 10 years, 6 months ago #21011

Hey Sam,

ui, difficult to explain. i try!
1. i print my labels in virtuemart, not vm invoice! it's the order overview!
2. the order.order_label.php is the file you have to configure like you want it - you can individualise your label and delivery note - but you have to understand PHP and HTML
3. you have to put the file order.order_list.php and order.post_label.php in the direction (administrator/components/com_virtuemart/html
the order.order_list.php is already existing, so overwrite it. the images to (images/M_images)

I use stickers they are only in the upper half of an din a4 sheet, the stickers are Din a5! So i print on one paper the sticker in the upper half, stick it on my din a5 envelope and put the rest of the sheet as delivery note into it.

Very easy!
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