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Ok, so I have upgraded the Forum to the latest version 1.0.10 removed ALL hacks or mods.

Now every time I enable the Kunena plugin I get this error.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class CKunenaConfig in /usr/local/4admin/apache/vhosts/ on line 419

The line it states is the issue is the last line of code and is simply a bracket {

I have tried both flipping it around, and even removing it but the error does not change? I figured that very least it would offer me a new error. Would really appreciate some guidence here on how to enable the forums for SEO as its the KEY part of my site and a forum with good SEO is a must have feature for my site.
Issues with Kunena F ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
Order #4660 Artio SEO + 2 Paid Plugins

I had an issue yesterday that ultimately was due to some other (hacks) mods, however this problem is part of the SEO process. The problem is with the Kunena forums "edit" links.

1) For members it gives them a "your not authorized to edit this post" error.
I have the forums set to "0" for unlimited edit time so this should not be a problem.

2) When I edit as Admin the link to edit a post always edits the first post of the thread.
So for instance if I try to edit the 4th post on a thread, and I click edit..the page reloads to the first post even though I clicked on edit the 4th one.

I have tried several configuration changes to the Kunena plugin, including....

Exclude do action from URL = No
Ignore multiple sources = No
Exclude ID from URL = No

Sadly none of these settings made any difference. I am sure this issue has been brought up for the Fireboard Component?,....I searched the forums for a fix but the search functions here are limited at best, or I am searching with the wrong terms.
Issues with Kunena F ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
I found the problem......Sadly it looks like it was due to a hack from the JomSocial site to add the forums tab to your toolbar on JomSocial. It was hard coded as a URL tied to a item ID. Here is the pesky code below. I also had to disable the JomSocial plugin that links your forum last 5 posts to your profile. It appears that ANY links to the Kunena forums in the JomSocial component cause the error as stated.

<li id="toolbar-item-inbox" class="<?php echo $toolbarClass['inbox'];?> toolbar-item">
<a href="index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=69" onmouseover="'m5')" onmouseout="joms.toolbar.closetime()" class="has-submenu">Forum</a>
<div id="m5" onmouseover="joms.toolbar.cancelclosetime()" onmouseout="joms.toolbar.closetime()" style="visibility: hidden;" class="<?php echo $toolbarClass['inbox'];?>">
<a href="index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=69&func=mylatest">My Posts</a>
<a href="index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=69&func=latest">Recent Posts</a>
<a href="index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=69&func=listcat">Categories</a>

Now the question is how to fix the hack above to NOT use an item ID, and how to edit the JomSocial forum plugin to see the Kunena forum links properly. Well, as mentioned I thought the issue was actually in JomSocial and it appears to be correct. The JomSocial forum plugin is also still named Fireboard so that may explain allot?

It may appear that I wasted your time fixing an error that was not yours. On the bright side now at least you can address this problem within the JomSocial component or others may read this and see that they simply need to disable the forum linking application and NOT use the menu hack above until its coded correctly.
Kunena causing serio ...
Category: Extensions
Well I am sad to report that it does not fix the issue.
On a side note the new Kunena module was not versioned 2.0.1 The updater worked, but the version remains the same.

The new plugin did not work even with several configuration changes. I am now getting this error.

Fatal error: Call to a member function getCfg() on a non-object in /usr/local/4admin/apache/vhosts/ on line 20

I think its the exact same one as before. And like before it only causes an error when trying to access the JomSocial component. If your in the forums there are no errors and no issues at all. However go to ANY of the menu links to the JomSocial system and the error above occurs....But ONLY if your logged in.

I just tried a test and it seams the issue only happens if your logged on. I was able to navigate fine IF I was NOT logged in, but as soon as I tried to login I got that error above....What now??
Kunena causing serio ...
Category: Extensions
WOW...your fast response time is awesome! This is the reason why I have no problem with paying for your products which are used on EVERY site I run...3 paid versions and about 6 or so plugins.

Sadly, I tried to use the built in upgrade tool and only got this error.

* JFolder::files: Path is not a folder
This package does not contain any upgrade information's.

I went to directly download the plugin and it looks like the same version I already have 2.0.0 is still in your remository.
Kunena causing serio ...
Category: Extensions
Please, inform about your Kunena version. If you are not using the latest one, please upgrade.

Actually I am using the latest stable versions for everything on this site. Its only 3 weeks old.

I did just see that as of only 4 days ago version 1.0.10 came out (currently I am on 1.0.9)

One note that might be causing this issue? I have set the JomSocial to be the default home page. Not sure if this is the issue or not? Like I said its only an problem when you try any link related to JomSocial when I have the Kenuna forum plugin enabled...otherwise the forum actually works with it enabled just fine. It just kills JomSocial

Here is my site URL(still a work in progress)
Kunena causing serio ...
Category: Extensions
On my site which has both Jom-Social and Kenuna-Forums integrated I am unable to use the SEO forum plugin. I JUST downloaded all the plugins today and configured it so that everything works smoothly. However no matter how I configure the plugin for Kenuna enabling it will ALWAYS result with the following error.

Fatal error: Call to a member function getCfg() on a non-object in httpdocs/components/com_kunena/lib/kunena.config.class.php on line 20

The strange part is that when enabled the forum works and the URLS are all correct, however if you try to access ANYTHING that pertains to Jom_Social it simply tosses up the error as shown above. So in reality I think the issue is NOT with the forum plugin?....But rather the Jom_Social plugin. I am really not sure. The forum is set to use the Jom_Social integration and the forum has the "my profile" link to the default forum profile not the Jom_Social one if that makes any difference? You cant edit your forum preferences from your Jom_Social profile.

I tried to disable the Jom_Social plugin and only enable the Kenuna plugin but get the same issue. Currently the only way I can get it not to show the error is if the forum plugin is set to no-cache.

Please help me with this as the main reason I purchased the Artio-SEO and all the extensions for this site was to get good forum URL's. This error was reported on the free plugin section, but the reply still does not help.
Kunena causing serio ...
Category: Extensions
I also have the EXACT same issue, and I just downloaded the plugin like 10 minutes ago. 12:15 pm (5-25-09)
Kunena plugin causin ...
Category: Extensions
I sent all details in my email regarding all purchases I have made of your products over the years. I have to say that overall I believe this to be one of the best Joomla applications and will credit it for the success of my SEO work on my company website.

Please accept my apologies for my rude post above. I was up well past 3am working to find your embedded code and after reading several other posts on the same subject I assumed (incorrectly) that this was a policy of yours to get people to pay for every upgrade on an already paid for version. While I would not necessarily disapprove of that business model, it would need to be clearly explained before a person made the purchase.

On the note about upgrade error, this may bean caused with a new application I made for my site that disables proxy access to my site? I am unsure how your upgrade tool works and my site has MANY custom modifications that are security related. While I don't believe them to be the cause, its at very least a possibility.

Again, my apologies.

And to those who read this...from my initial complaint to resolution was under 12 hours and add to that its less than 24 hours before a major holiday.

My hats off to you for your excellent support.....and products.
Exceptionally Upset ...
Category: General

Thank you for your exceptionally quick reply, especially before a holiday.

I purchased this as a major upgrade over an older version that required a complete uninstall of the old one.
Then I installed the new one using the Joomla installer. I wiped out all my old database SEO links and began building them all over again with new settings. An exceptionally long process as as my site is very large. With over 38,000 SEO pages.

The new one for Joomla version 1.0+ now includes the "upgrade from Artio" link and that's what I used. The upgrade was quick, and there were no terms or anything to agree to. As a paid version it was my understanding that it would remain as such. From your email it appears that the upgrade process may have been a glitch?

I would suggest that PAID versions include a serialized link for upgrades to validate them and prevent such issues in the future. I replied to the email sent to me with all the details of the multiple versions and modules I have purchased over the past few years. I look forward to your reply.

Your timely reply has restored my faith that you do care about your customers satisfaction.
Exceptionally Upset ...
Category: General
Ok, so I PAID for this application, with the express agreement that the paid version would NOT include ANY links or ads to affiliates. Then a few days ago I used the upgrade tool only to discover that contrary to the terms as described on this site where I purchased it...that my site now has backlinks to you on every fucking page!!!!

This is an sponsorlink free version of the component. There are NO backlinks to us as authors or to our sponsors included.

Seriously folks this is bullshit! I PAID for a "clean" version, that's what I expect. under your own license terms.

You are in violation of YOUR OWN TERMS, this is false advertising at very least! and outright deceit and theft on its face value. In NO manner of speaking in any terms that I read, or I can find did it ever state that upgrades to PAID versions would revert my PAID version to nothing better than the FREE one! So in reality I was downgraded!

Any way you look at this constitutes a complete breach of trust.

I was at very least able to find the coded file where you have cleverly embedded your back links, and alter the code enough to hide the links. removing it completely has proven a bit trickier. Once I have a little more time I will however edit it out from your s.e.f.c.l.a.s.s.p.h.p.

I am demanding that you provide a CLEAN version as per the terms of the sale!
Exceptionally Upset ...
Category: General
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