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E-Ticket System, Electronic Tickets

E-Ticket is a system for online ticket generation and sales. User can easily book and order the tickets to a cultural or sport event online, pay them online and then print his electronic tickets (downloaded as PDF ticket or image format) at home printer and go directly to the event place. There is no need to wait in queues or be stressed to get tickets just before the event.

The sale system communicates with the terminals at location and can check validity of each ticket in real time. The system is based on EAN barcodes and terminal runing Java application.

We have also e-ticket solution for Joomla CMS.

How does it work? - E-ticket System Schema

E-Ticket System Schema


Electronic Ticket Technologies

  • on-line sales system (e-shop)
  • on-line ticket generating application (using EAN barcodes and PDF format)
  • sold ticked database
  • Java-based terminals to validate the validity of ticket brought by the customer
  • platform independent (Unix, Linux & Windows servers compatible)
  • high availability, high transaction throughput

Reference Project

HimosAreena - Online e-ticket registration and sales

Online ticket registration and sales. Print your own ticket and do not waste your time in queues!

This application is based on the Instore e-shopping system, which real time communicates with on-site Java touchscreen terminals equipped with EAN barcode readers. It also includes secure online payment possibilities.

Learn more about HimosAreena project.


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