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VirtueMart Business Reports

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€ 29.90

Visualizes your VirtueMart e-store sales and customer statistics and produces business reports in a form of attractive and lucid Flash charts. The usage of the graphs for the data presentation are an effective, intelligible and human-friendly way to keep survey about your e-store performance and facilitation for further business decisions.

VM Reports generate the widely used business reports based on the data from your VirtueMart business transactions. It helps you to quickly find the business / sales information, you are looking for. VM Reports is easy to install and its control is intuitive and straightforward.


  • Show trade statistics as animated charts
  • Online analyse business data related to orders and customers and present them as charts
  • TOP lists of products and categories
  • Display settings available
  • Simple usage
  • Fast installation

Business Reports for VirtueMart Using Flash Graphs

Online stores are very popular and widespread nowadays, so they form a very competitive environment. One of a keys for success in the online store business is a timely response to changes in customers' behaviour and e-store performance. Making the right business decisions require quaility background information. VM Reports will help you to mine such information from your VirtueMart e-store data and display them as transparent business reports in a form of graphs and charts. Check VM Reports full features list to get better idea about VM Reports functions or see VM Reports demo.

Viewing VM Statistics Using FusionCharts

VM Reports are backuped by the ARTIO FusionCharts component, that provides transparent and interactive interface to get an excellent overview about your e-shop in the graphical and intuitive form. In combination with a number of parameters you can choose from, you will get only what you really want to see.


There are different types of VirtueMart business reports available, so you can easily find the one most suitable for you. See some of the examples bellow or check the complete VM Reports business reports list.



Most Sold Products

 This graphs sorts the most sold (sorted by number of transactions) or the most profitable (sorted by revenue) products in given time frame.

thumb_Most_Valuable_CustomersMost Valuable Customers

This graphs shows the customers with the biggest sales.


VM Reports is a commercial Joomla! component licensed under GNU GPL license.


Joomla Requirements

Joomla! 1.5.x and VirtueMart 1.1.x.
Does NOT work with VirtueMart 2.x at the moment.

Server Requirements

PHP 5.2 or newer is required.

Browser requirements

Tested in Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Opera 10, Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Aurora 0.10.2. Adobe Flash Player 10 needs to be installed.

Javascript does not need to be turned on for the front-end, but it is required in the administration. The browser must support AJAX technology.

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