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First Steps with ARTIO SMS Gateway

Step 1: Create User Account

First you need to register at This you can do easily at Create Account.

1a. Click the Create Account Link 1b. Fill the Registration Form

If you are already registered, then just log-in. Also, if this will be your first purchase at ARTIO, you may get registered automatically, during Step 3: Credit Purchase.

Step 2: Activate SMS Service

When you are logged at artio site, visit the SMS Service Activation page.

2a. Click on Activate SMS Services link

2b. Fill Phone Number and Confirm Terms of Service

Click any SMS Service link at User Dashboard.

At activation form, you need to fill-in phone number and agree with Terms of Service.

Step 3: Initial Credit Charge

To be able to start sending messages, your account needs a positive credit balance.

3a. Click the Charge Credit Button

3b. Choose Amount of Credits to Purchase

You may purchase the credit in our e-shop.

At SMS Service Dashboard, click the Charge Credit button. In e-shop, choose the desired amount of credits you wish to purchase.

After the order is confirmed credit will be added to your account.

Step 4: Service Setup

Configure the SMS Service at your application side.

4a. Note the API Credentials Information

4b. Enter the API Credentials into Component at Your Site

All you need to do is to download and install one of the tools/components we offer that integrate the SMS gateway API.

In Configuration, enter your ARTIO username and assigned API key. The API key is found at the SMS Service Dashboard.

Step 5: Sending SMS

Congratulations, now you are all set and you can start sending SMS to your website users!

You can now of course configure some additional settings, such as configure the message wording, conditions when a message gets sent, etc. These may differ for individual tools. Please, refer to the individual tool/component documentation for details on additional configuration.

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