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We have launched web sites for Confederation of the Czech Republicthumb_spcr
of Industry
. The project was implemented in Joomla! CMS.

Design was created by ARTIO. We developed a custom module - Members dababase. The site also includes advanced modules such as Event Calendar, Video Gallery, Polls, Forums for registred user and many more. The trainning was provided before the web sites were forwarded to customer. We still provide customer support and server maintenance.

The web is available in Czech and English language.

Technologies included:
  1. Joomla! CMS (Content Management System);
  2. Members database (frontend/backend) - custom coded module, including print-outs, PDF generation, exports/imports, mailing lists;
  3. Dedicated server setup, management and monitoring, intrusion detection;
  4. PHP, MySQL, Apache.

SPCR Member Database BackEnd

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