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TopFun - VoD Movie Downloads Site

The Topfun site have got a new look! We have created a brand thumb_topfunnew graphic design and layouts. The sites are well arranged, user friendly and it's very easy and quick to find your favourite movie.

The Topfun sites are based ond VoD technology (Video on Demand) that allows customers to download multimedia content from the internet after they have paid and are entitled to watch the movie in the next 24 hours. All content is protected by DRM license wich allows customers to use the content strictly according to license rules.

The system allows many different types of payments such as online payments with credit cards, using a mobile phone (SMS), voucher or different type of electronical transfers.

ARTIO fully supports and maintains the operation of the system both on hardware and software level.

The site is available in czech language.

Project screenshots

TopFun - film detailsTopFun - category listTopFun - payment selectionTopFun - movie example

Project technology

  • DRM licences
  • Apache and IIS webservers
  • MySQL database
  • Multiserver architecture

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