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How to migrate free to paid version without loosing existing URLs

Last revised:
Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Have you purchased paid version of JoomSEF and do you want to upgrade your existing free version without loosing your existining SEF URL stored in database, JoomSEF configuration and metadata?

This also applies if you accidentaly upgraded to free version and you want to get back the paid version.

Currently, there are 2 possibilites - online migration and offline migration. Online migration is available from JoomSEF version 3.5.0.

Online migration of free to paid version of JoomSEF

This applies to versions of JoomSEF 3.5.0 and newer.

  1. JoomSEF migration from free to paid versionMake sure that you have entered your Download ID into the Registration tab of JoomSEF configuration. Details on this can be found in Registering JoomSEF FAQ.
  2. Goto to JoomSEF Upgrade page (on JoomSEF Control Panel, click Upgrade icon).
  3. At the upgrade page, if your download ID has been entered correctly, you will see your registration info and "Reinstall from ARTIO Server" (or "Online Migrate to Paid Version" in some versions). - see screenshot bellow
  4. Click the button and the paid version will be downloaded automatically and will replace the free version.

Offline migration of free to paid version of JoomSEF

  1. JoomSEF migration from free to paid versionUsing the Download ID sent to you upon payment confirmation, download the paid version installation file (you can either click the link in the email with download ID or visit Download area). (detailed info in Getting Paid Version Installation Files FAQ)
  2. Go to Upgrade page of your current free JoomSEF installation
  3. In "upgrade from file" section, select the downloaded installation package and click "Upgrade" button. - see screenshot bellow
  4. The free version will be upgraded to paid.
  5. After doing so, remember to Register your JoomSEF version, so that next time, you can upgrade online.


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