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How to set PDF Tickets

Last revised:
Tuesday, 23 September 2014


This feature can create simple PDF documents with information about reservations. It has no special functionality like PDF in E-Tickets component.

For successfull settings is necessary to follow next steps:

  1. Enable PDF Ticket in Bookable Item settings and create Template.
    Components -> ARTIO Booking -> Bookable Items -> {any_item} -> tab PDF Ticket
  2. Create Email template for status change.
    Components -> ARTIO Booking -> Control Panel -> tab Configuration -> SMS/E-mail Templates
  3. Set newly created email template in configuration, so customer will receive notifications about status changes.
    Components -> ARTIO Booking -> Control Panel -> tab Configuration -> Configuration -> tab SMS/E-mail -> select E-mail template for option State Change: Customer

Then once reservation is paid, customer will receive email with PDF document.

If you will get any troubles with PDF Tickets, I can recommend you FAQ for another components, where PDF documents are part of main functionality:

Especially this FAQ items can show main PDF problems:


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