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New JoomSEF 3.4.0 Out!

New JoomSEF version 3.4.0 available!Ostrava, 16.10.2009 - Dear JoomSEF users and fans.We have just released another significantly improved version of JoomSEF - SEO tool for Joomla!, that will make your Joomla URLs look nice and search engine friendly (SEF). This new minor version release brings 10 brand new features, 3 major improvements and several updates and fixes. We also thank all of our more than 150.000 JoomSEF users for their kind support!

JoomSEF 3.4.0 Features

  • New - Automatic meta description and keywords generation for standard extensions (extra extensions will be added soon), more ...
  • New - Optional support of UTF-8 characters in SEF URLs, more ...
  • New - Easy-to-use duplicates management, more ...
  • New - JoomSEF can now easily import URLs from sh404SEF and AceSEF components, more ...
  • New - You can now set Title/Alias usage on per extension basis
  • New - .htaccess editor allowing you to create .htaccess redirects easily, more ...
  • New - Added URLs Update function which automatically updates all URLs in database to match the current configuration, more ...
  • New - Extensions can now contain any number of generic parameter groups (more intuitive)
  • New - Extensions can now be installed directly from the Joomla Installer
  • New - Filters in URLs administration support regular expressions
  • Improved - Control panel GUI and configuration layout improvement
  • Improved - Extension management GUI
  • Improved - Further improved Content pagination
  • Update - Cache file moved to standard Joomla! cache location
  • Fixed - Quotes replaced by HTML entities in meta tags
  • Fixed - Upgrade was not able to create new directories
  • Fixed - JoomSEF now correctly handles the case when no ASCII character replacements are set

To find more about lates changes and version history, please visit JoomSEF Changelog page.

More on JoomSEF 3.4.0 New Features

Automatic meta-data generation

JoomSEF can now save some of your time by introduction option to generate meta-data for you based on the content. Extensions that support automatic meta tags generation have the Meta Tags group present in their parameters. You can enable/disable and control the way meta tags are generated there. The description meta tag is usually created by truncating the category/product description or the article intro text. Keywords are chosen from the description based on their usage. There are many predefined blacklisted words and you can set your own for each extension.

Full support of UTF-8 in URLs

You can imrove your site SEO even more now, but using your local language charactes in your SEF URLs. Now, JoomSEF can support any UTF-8 character in the URL. This includes support of all non-latin characters as well, such as cyrillic, chinesee, japanese, etc.

Easy-to-use duplicates management

There is a new option called "Number duplicate URLs" in configuration. If you set it to "No", the new duplicates management system will be used instead of numbering the URLs. If there are some identical SEF URLs, JoomSEF assigns them a priority and then uses the URL with the highest priority. But if you want to override this default assignment, you can use the new "Active" column in the SEF URLs management. Just click the icon next to the URL you want to set active, and it will be used in all cases.

Easy migration from sh404sef or AceSEF components

JoomSEF can now easily import URLs generated by other JoomSEF SEF URLs generator components, such as sh404sef or AceSEF. Simply get your backup file from one of these components and use it with JoomSEF URL Import function.

Built-in .htaccess editor

You no longer need to use FTP client or other components to edit your .htaccess file to check it or adjust it. JoomSEF now has built-in .htaccess editor with basic and advanced interface. In basic mode, you can fastly and securely edit basic parameters, such as RewriteBase and you can also define external redirects from other sites. Advanced view will serve you as text editor of this file.

URL autoupdate after configuration change

If you needed to update JoomSEF configuration, you can now use autoupdate function that will automatically change all currently existing URLs related to the change. To preserve your URL page ranking, it will automatically store 301 redirect for you as well! Customly adjusted URLs are not affected.

Even more...

Find out more about JoomSEF in general by visiting: JoomSEF3 product page


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