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Hi all,

Extremely frustrated with this product at the moment.

I've got Pro version 3.4.1, and have been having a problem when it comes to indexing PDF documents for full text search for some time now.

So much so it ended up in me flattening the site and starting again, but to no avail.

I have the appropriate programs (pdf2text, catdoc) installled on the (hosted) server, and for some time everything worked without a problem. There have been no changes on the server my site is hosted on, and no configuration changes on my site - then it just stopped working. Now, Office documents index with no problem, however PDF's do not. I always receive an error message:

"JFile: :read: Unable to open file: /home/cddmedic/public_html/tmp/6653261" (the number on the end is different everytime)

The tmp folder has the correct permissions, I'm at a loss as to what i can do to resolve this issue.

Can anyone help please?
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Thank you for the very quick response.

I'm hoping you might be able to spare 5 minutes and help to advse me in regards to the .htaccess file as to how i would restrict access to folders to the public, or if you have any links that you could share with me?

Thanks in advance.
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I have an issue where i have uploaded files to a folder - both the folder and the files within the folder have had the permissions set so they can only be accessed when a user logs in.

There is no problem when using the Joomla search function, but we want to send a direct link to the document i.e domainname/documents/foldername/documentname and using this link anyone can access the document without logging in.

Is there something i can do in Joomdoc to combat this from happening as it defeats the object of having ACL applied to the documents.

Hope someone can help,
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Thanks for the reply, but I'm unsure how to do this. I've been looking on Google for information but cannot find how.

I'm currently with a hosting solution - if you have a moment could you explain how i go about doing this or point me in the direction of some documentation please?

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Order ID: 19611

Could you please advise how to enable full document searching.

Could you also provide information/instructions on how to set permissions for individual files and folders.
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I want to know this also, i've been asking the question a couple of times via email over the last 3 weeks and have had no reply from 3 different email addresses.

Poor service at the moment.
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