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Many thanks, those functions work as intended and it is now displaying a footer on the last page of the despatch note only.

Unfortunately i've noticed an error in some of the invoices/despatch notes it generates:

When an invoice is very long so that it stretches to multiple pages it generates an error when opened in acrobat reader:

"An error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person who created the PDF document to correct the problem."

The file is viewable in acrobat reader tho and bar the error looks like an invoice.

Ive noticed when this occurs the extra fields section can be split over two pages and the total section can be written on top of the header of the extra page.

Is there any way to debug what this error could be? Ive tried disabling the extra fields section but the error still occurs and on the invoices it doesnt use a footer so i dont think it is the custom footer i have.
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Category: VM Invoice
I've been looking through the TCPDF code and trying to put a footer on the last page only of the despatch note to no avai. Has anyone else succeeded in doing this? I've tried altering the Footer function in invoicepdf.php to this:

$var1 = (int)$this->getPage();
$var2 = (int)$this->getNumPages();
$code .= $this->html->generateStockLabelAddresses($var1,$var2);

and then creating copies of the generateAddresses, generateAddress functions named differently in invoicehtml and checking for this:

if ($this->deliveryNote){
if ($var1 == $var2){

but the 2 values are the same it seems, any ideas? Unfortunately php isnt my language of choice so i may be making a simple error i don't know :s
Placing Footer on la ...
Category: VM Invoice
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