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Months ago I complained in the forum about slow or no response to my requests for paid support.
As a result - instead of helping me - I was banned from the forum.
Please ASAP restore user ecweb to the forum as I have valid support subscriptions - or refund the cash now.

If not, I will consider taking this further and warning other users about using Artio's support.
Very poor customer s ...
Category: JoomSEF
We understand that there is a staff shortage at ARtio - causing very long delays in support or a total lack of support.
Is there a timeframe for when this will be resolved and when we can expect a return to better support turn-around times?
When will support le ...
Category: JoomSEF
In light of the problems Artio has with providing their support (guaranteed within 5 days???),
I'm looking for a designer who has extensive experience with Joomsef and would be able to help me troubleshoot and improve my installation of Joomsef on a large (500+ page) web site.

Any interested designers/developers out there?

Please contact me at info (@) and provide details about your experience.
Any JoomSef freelanc ...
Category: JoomSEF
sorry to bump the thread - but it would be great if this can be looked into.
Please 'unban' a pay ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
I discovered to my surprise today that I was banned from the forum (user: ecweb).
- unban my account
- attend to the support request I sent through on the 21/6 entitled 'Support for order number 18138'

If for some reason you don't wish to do the above, please provide a brief explanation and a refund for the support not provided.

EC Web(2)
Please 'unban' a pay ...
Category: JoomSEF 3
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