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The solution is located in /etc/php/php.ini
Allowed file uploads: should be YES
Maximum allowed filesize (max_filesize): for you is 5MB, ask your administrator to change it to higher if the system and hosting plan allows it
Maximum allowed POST size: (post_max_size): for you is unknown, but it should be double by allowed filesize:

Memory limit (memory_limit): if filesize is 8, POST is 16, this should be 32MB

Maximum input time for uploads (max_input_time): if the server is in your local network, or your ping to it is lower then 30ms, 600 value is ok, if you're over 6 hops to your server and between 80-100 or over time in ms, this option should be higher.

All this and more can be founded on
Upload File Size Lim ...
Category: JoomDOC
Best way for translating J! 1.5 files and for they're 3rd party addons such as JoomDOC, is via Notepad + ( for offline translations - Best pick for me and via Translation Manager ( for online translation via Joomla Administration interface.

If u pick the offline method (Notepad Plus), u should click menu Format/Format as UTF-8 without BOM, then start type translated texts. Eg,

DEFINITION1=Definition 1 (Definition 1 should be translated into Spanish, not the first one)

All files required translations are:

xx-XX.mod and xx-XX.plg are optional

Due the buger base (DOCMan) used for creation of this otherwise cool component (JoomDOC), you should translate all files in Admin and Site to see any changes reflecting to front or back end.
Translate file does ...
Category: JoomDOC
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