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Hi again,

I have switched on Captcha. For the test I have only email as compulsory field.

When I make a mistake in the Captcha text, I come back to the reservation page, though suddenly the reservation dates are reset to somewhere in 1970.

And if e.g. I forget the email address, I get an error message on top of the next page, together with a message that the reservation is made, and I have no possibility to correct this. In the backend I see the reservation made without customers' email address...

What can be the reason?

I installed it on Joomla 1.6.

Regards, Frans.
mistake on reservati ...
Category: Booking

I intend to use this component for vacation house reservation, though before I buy I want to know for sure if the calendar is going to work properly. At the moment, also on the demo on this site (!) it does not:

When you want to start your booking at the end of a month, and want to book until the beginning of the next month you need to first select e.g. july 29, then go to the next month with either the fast calendar selection or the link under the calendar. In most cases you then loose the selected start date. If you then press reset and try again, sometimes it works correctly the second time, showing suddenly a two months' calendar. But it is not working ok.

Anybody knows what is wrong? Also on the demo site of Artio???

Cheers, Frans
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Category: Booking
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