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Please see the above as a feature request.
I would like the system to include the configurable option to set your own defaults on the three fields above.

Alternatively please include in the documentation in what files I need to alter to change this manually in the component.
Defaults when creati ...
Category: Feature Requests
If I forget to click recalculate (after updating amounts) before saving an order, then the invoice totals are all wrong.

It would therefore make 100% sense that the system automatically recalculate as a part of the saving and also the saveandclose processes.

I personally believed this was a bug in the system, and was therefore surprised when contacting support to hear that this is the way the system should work.

It simply does not make any sense as far as I can tell, and I therefore suggest that the VM Invoice system in enhanced to automatically recalculate as a part of the save order process.
Automatic Recalculat ...
Category: Feature Requests
When I create a new order there are three selection boxes I have to manually fill in with the same data every time.

Typically when I create a new order, it is because a customer has paid and picked up some products from our warehouse.

In my case the following fields are therefore always the same:

STATUS default to pending, and I have to change that to shipped
SHIPPING default to select, I have to select "Order Pickup" the only option in there.
PAYMENT default to select, I have to manually select "Payment upon Pickup"

Is there any way of setting my own defaults so that I dont have to go through these things every time I create a new order (which is many many times every day)?

Any pointers are appreciated
Defaults when creati ...
Category: Feature Requests
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