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How come there are no replies in this section?
Upload and Search is ...
Category: JoomDOC
First, Thank you very much for making Docman a 1.5 native component. Very needed.

I installed with no problems but have some issues relating to the front end.

1. On the Documents main page the graphical icons do not show up. I think it is a link problem and someone else submited a thread identical to this problem.

2. When I click on the "Search Document" the template does not load properly and it returns a

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mosgetparam() in /home2/faithbc/public_html/components/com_docman_2/views/themes/default/templates/page_docsearch.tpl.php on line 68

any ideas?

3. When I click on "Submit File" something appears to try to load but it returns to the documents main page.

Everything on the back end works fine.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to get this working for our church.
Upload and Search is ...
Category: JoomDOC
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