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Folding and turning Windows
As a rule, this type of glazing is made for small openings. Most often in the kitchen and utility rooms (bathrooms, Laundry rooms, storage rooms, and corridors). Usually manufacturers offer to make such options from plastic, which is currently at the peak of popularity in the construction industry. Buyers are attracted by the fact that the frames do not let the cold out of the street. They are easy to care for and can be produced in any color. As a rule, people prefer to install white, beige and brown sashes in a private house.
Plastic Windows can be opened in several ways. The most popular is the standard rotary movement of the door. In great demand is a folding opening, in which the leaf is vertically at an angle of 45 degrees. Also, customers are often asked to do "winter airing", which leaves only a small gap. This is very important if you need a natural supply of air at high humidity.
Order Tilt and Turn Windows from us
Turning Windows are particularly interesting. They rotate on a horizontal or vertical axis. These designs are perfectly combined with round sashes, giving the room even more originality.

For a private home, any option is suitable, the only question is personal convenience. Experts recommend to order a rotary and tilt Windows with fixings. They keep the sash open and prevent it from closing. You can safely ventilate the room or pass food through the kitchen window to be taken to the gazebo.


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