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I am testing on Joomla 1.5.26 & BookIt 1.4.4

I have discovered 2 bugs in the monthly calendar (showing 3 months):
1. The year after monthname in the first month is wrong when the calendar end date is in a new year. And shows Nov 2013 - Dec 2012 - Jan 2013. year/previousYear can't solve that in a simple way.
Espicially when shifting by previous/next month this i quite obviously.
2. Weekno column starts at right weeke no i 1. week and then it count up .. and up eg. 57 or 63 => beyond the valid weekno.

Workaround for Week no.
Line 173 in ..\components\com_booking\views\subject\tmpl\default_calendar_monthly.php
<td class="week"><?php if ($this->setting->week<53) {echo $this->setting->week ++;
} else {
$this->setting->week = 1;
echo $this->setting->week ;
$this->setting->week ++;
It is valid up to 31.12.2015 where the shift will been 53 and not 52.... hope Artio has corrected in before that time.

In translating Remember the com_booking.ini and 2 mod... files
In is there ar missing tag:
com_booking SUPPLEMENTS="Supplements" ...and then I could make the translation a all the others.

A great component anyhow and I think we will use it for a singel scout camp rental business. Thanks.
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I have had that problem with my installation after making a danish translation. All local charachters showed up like this.

it was solved by changning (converting) til file to UTF8 and then upload it again. For that job I used Notepad++ functions.

Good luck.
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