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I've found a serious problem that leads to different kinds of incompatibility between JoomSEF and other extensions.

When using JRoute::_() from onAfterRoute, Artio JoomSEF changes current site's global variables. (I don't know which exactly right now, but the output of the modules that depends on Itemid or other data is changed).

Are you planning and update that will deal with this trouble? It's a pity that a really great component like this includes such a silly mistake.

Thank you for any information!
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I was wondering why do I have my HTML structure and classes changed on some pages (Virtuemart product detail on one site, and thank you page on every site) and discovered that it's a conflict between One Page Checkout and JoomSEF.

It takes my menu <ul class="nav "> and makes it <ul class="menu">. I just couldn't get it, how is this even possible. See: - the same website,
Menu structure on the homepage (this is correct).

Menu structure on a bugged page (product detail or thank you page, incorrect)

So I digged deeper into it and found out that it changes not only the main menu on the pic above, but every menu and all list-based (ul) modules. See my breadcrumbs code (the first one correct, and bugged one is right below it - ul is gone):


And both of these pages share the template, it's not a template bug. When I turn JoomSEF off, it works. When I keep JoomSEF on and turn OnePage off, it works as well.

Do you have an idea how to make it work well again? I don't really want to style all sites I do twice, especially when the second version has not only different classes, but also different HTML structure. I'm using the latest com_onepage2.0.244 and the same goes for JoomSEF (latest, 4.5.1 I guess and its VM plugin 3.0.22).

Thank you for your support.
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