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Can a member of please give me an answer on this? I don't believe its something difficult (for me it is!) but i think to just change the query that shows shipping name in drop down and add code to show shipping name (shipping description)

Thank you in advance
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Category: Feature Requests
Hello there,

I have lots of shipping methods with the same name but inside each shipping method i can understand which one is which, from description.

So, assume that you have 100 shipping methods called Send home and another 100 called Retrieve from courier but each shipping method has different description.

I am pretty sure that this can be done, but i don't know how:
Inside the New Order page of component, how can i make the shipping method drop box show also the description of each method?

Thank you in advance

P.S. I would appreciate it if you answered to me as soon as possible!
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Category: Feature Requests
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