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Hi, I'm interested in buying this component but before I do that I'd like to know what needs to be done to make it work with nginx?

Joomsef's description says :

All versions of JoomSEF will run on Windows and Linux/Unix systems and support both Apache and IIS webservers (tested on IIS5, IIS6 and IIS7). With some manual configuration can also run on Nginx or other web servers that support URL rewriting.

Is this "manual configuration" something that was tested or just an assumption?
nginx doesn't support .htaccess files and the rewrite rules are specified directly in particular server config file (or in the global config file, it all depends on how you split it).

The very basic Joomla nginx config file can be found here: and enabling SEF can be done like this:
Thing is the second manual references mod_rewrite which is an Apache module (it won't be available for me as nginx is the only web server I will be using) so I don't think it's a proper solution to the problem.

Do you have any config file that you could share?

Thanks for answering.
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