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For anyone still having this problem, I found an easy solution. This plugin , jQuery Easy solved my problem with the Bookit buttons not working because of the jQuery / Mootools conflicts.

It should still be working here: Find your niche

I hope it helps someone solve their problem quickly :-)

Best of luck
Real Mobile Business
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Category: Pre-sale Questions
When I upgrade the Bookit component I get the following error when trying to access the bookit control panel. the only way to solve it so far is to reinstall the older version.

Error message:
1054 - An error has occurred.

Unknown column 'reservation.created_by' in 'on clause' SQL=SELECT `reservation`.*, `editorUser`.`name` as `editor`, `customer`.`checked_out` AS `customerCheckedOut`,SUM(`items`.`fullPriceSupplements`) AS `reservationFullPrice`, SUM(`items`.`fullDeposit`) AS `reservationFullDeposit`, SUM(`items`.`capacity`) AS `fullCapacity`, `creator`.`name` AS `creator`, `modifier`.`name` AS `modifier` FROM `xyz_booking_reservation` AS `reservation` LEFT JOIN `xyz_users` AS `editorUser` ON `editorUser`.`id` = `reservation`.`checked_out` LEFT JOIN `xyz_booking_customer` AS `customer` ON `customer`.`id` = `reservation`.`customer` LEFT JOIN `xyz_booking_reservation_items` AS `items` ON `items`.`reservation_id` = `reservation`.`id` LEFT JOIN `xyz_booking_subject` AS `subjects` ON `items`.`subject` = `subjects`.`id` LEFT JOIN `xyz_users` AS `creator` ON `reservation`.`created_by` = `creator`.`id` LEFT JOIN `xyz_users` AS `modifier` ON `reservation`.`modified_by` = `modifier`.`id` WHERE `from` >= '2013-07-02 23:39:36' AND items.subject IN (0, 2, 3) GROUP BY `reservation`.`id` ORDER BY `from` ASC

Please help.
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Category: Customer Support
I tried what you said but am still having difficulties.The issue is that each of the supplements has different timing and price associated with it, for example:

Haircut - 60 min (55eur)
Colouring - 90min (100eur)
Colouring with streaks - 120min ( 1500 eur)
Styling - 30min ( 27eur)
cut and colour and styling - 180min (150eur)

Setting the price for each of them is no problem.

The problem is that the bookable object ( or hair stylist) has set slots of 30min or 1 hour. If someone books the hairstylist for a colouring then that means 3 adjacent half hour slots need to be disabled but as it is now, it will only book one half-hour slot unless the end user manually books 3 adjacent time slots.

Any other thoughts or suggestions please?
Configuration help
Category: Customer Support
YAY, Thanks it worked. The sandbox email account was incorrect, I was using my normal business account email when it should have been the sandbox business account.
The reservations are now working and booking properly in the backend. I do however get the following message at the top
"Your payment wasn't verified by server PayPal." but I have a feeling that it will disappear when the site is live and they are actual paypal accounts.
Thank you very much for your help.
PayPal payment confi ...
Category: Customer Support
The business test account does not receive payment.
I tried the other settings in the item prices and the same message comes.
What should I try next?
PayPal payment confi ...
Category: Customer Support
When I test my booking via the sandbox:
1. PayPal confirms the payment and the money is drawn from the test account.
2. When the user is returned to our site the following message appears and the status is cancelled:

Your payment wasn't verified by server PayPal.
Your payment was verified by server PayPal. When will be confirmed your reservation will be change to pay state.

Reservation Status & Payment
Payment Status: Unpaid
Reservation Status: Cancelled


I Have searched the forum and closest answer is here but it is for a version 1.3.10 and I have version 2.
Is there a setting that is incorrect or is this problem still not fixed from version 1.3.10?
PayPal payment confi ...
Category: Customer Support
My question is about the correct way to set up the system for a hairdressers / hair salon.

Ie. Haircut, styling, washing are separate items that the customer would want to book. Then also in a salon there are also 2 - 3 different hairstylist working.
Do I create a different template for each​ Haircut, styling, wash then create the worker as the bookable item?
Or do I create a bookable item for each Haircut, styling, wash and make the stylist the template?

If someone books a haircut from one of the stylists that time slot needs to be unavailable across the other calendars for styling, washing etc. so that they don't get double booked for two different services.
Please help.
Configuration help
Category: Customer Support
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