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I searched the forum for "ms office read only" and received no results.

We are using JoomDOC 4 Enterprise with the WebDAV features. Linux/Apache server, PHP 5.4.45, and latest Joomla! v3.4.8.

Documents upload fine, folders are created fine, and the Edit File link appears with the uploaded files. I click that Edit File link, see the little menu with the Download, Edit, Edit in MS Office and Edit in OpenOffice links, and click 'Edit in MS Office' option.

MS Office 2013 opens, the Word document opens in Protected View, and I click the Enable Editing button, and the document always stays as Read-Only.

We need the Office documents to open in WebDAV editable mode. Any suggestions?

I have also sent these notes to support, but thought I would see if anyone in the community forum has fixed this issue.

Thank you!!
MS Office opens in R ...
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Joomla! 3.x, Community Builder 2.x, JoomDOC 4

Maybe extending this thread is a path to bring this to light.

There is an extension out there for Community Builder and JoomDOC, but it is for an earlier version of Joomla! and CB, and I've sent a note in English to the developers at their website, but I've not received a reply and it may be due to the language barrier?

The plugin can be found here:

And the developer site is:

It would be very advantageous for many people as well as the developers if this plugin could be advanced and updated.

I have a client site that has been developed with CB as the member management system and one big need is ability to convert the office from paper to paperless.

JoomDOC seems the best solution to work with CB member base.

Please add to this thread with any relevant info to use this plugin, or something else.

Thank you!!

Joomdoc cb plugin Er ...
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Checking to see if a solution was found for the issue. I get the same error, with later versions of J!, CB and JoomDOC 4.

Sure would be special if JoomDOC integrated nicely with CB so it is easy to manage and display documents saved/uploaded to a Member's profile.

Joomdoc cb plugin Er ...
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Before sending support ticket, am checking with the community.

Anyone else have the issue and solved it?

Document List Module

When editing module in the backend, under the Module tab, the 'Parent Folder' drop down list only shows the option 'Everywhere'.

How do we change that?

As the original post by Thinkup says, "i need to show the module on the front-end with the newest files of the specific folders, but i can't select the folder. Inside the module in the "parent" option i have only 1 value set to "everywhere" ."

If anyone knows, please post so others can solve this question/issue more rapidly next time.

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Great software, thank you Artio.

I am building a system for a primarily hard copy office, until now.

An Office Staff person will be uploading scanned documents for every one of about fifteen hundred members. Individually per member.

Is there a way to set the File Upload feature (or create a specific form) to upload to a specific directory, * For Each Member, using the upload form?

In other words, How would I set the form to request a destination folder and then browse folders to select the destination directory?

Thank you!
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