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TOPIC: Kunena 2.0.0

Re: Kunena 2.0.0 12 years ago #31678

  • Dade
  • Posts: 15
Just updated and I get a white screen when loading forums with Artio JoomSEF Kunena extension is enabled.

Any tip or anyway I can help to find the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Kunena 2.0.0 12 years ago #31693

  • dajo
  • Posts: 5069
Dade: What version of JoomSEF do you use? Please enable error reporting on your website or check your website's errors log and post the error message.

baijianpeng: Unfortunately the redirects are the way new Kunena works, there's nothing we can do about it.
As regards the 500 error, make sure that you use the latest Kunena 2.0.1. If you do, please check the forum/index/ SEF URL in JoomSEF's URLs Manager and post its associated Real non-SEF URL.
ARTIO Support Team

Re: Kunena 2.0.0 12 years ago #31730

  • dajo
  • Posts: 5069
The non-SEF URL looks all right. Are there any duplicates for the forum/index/ SEF URL?
Is there any PHP error being displayed on the 500 error page? Or is there any PHP error in your server's errors log?

Well we could change the /unread to some other word, but there must be something to distinguish this URL from the direct URL to topic (without the /unread). That's just the way new Kunena creates its URLs.
ARTIO Support Team

Re: Kunena 2.0.0 12 years ago #31754

It has changed all my forums links and I can't get them back to previous. I'm reverting to a backup.

Re: Kunena 2.0.0 12 years ago #31755

I'm also getting

Warning: Division by zero in /home/ixxxxxx/public_html/xxxxxxxxxx/components/com_sef/sef_ext/com_kunena.php on line 578

on my category list and topic list pages

Re: Kunena 2.0.0 12 years ago #31756

Most errors go away if I switch it to basic joomsef handling. It's a mess with regular joomsef
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