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JoomSEF and Joomla 4
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Support forum for users using free edition of JoomSEF 4 (Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5+ compatible). These forums are mainly for mutual help between users.

Please note that due to our capacity limitations, we do not monitor these forums regularly.

TOPIC: JoomSEF and Joomla 4

Re: JoomSEF and Joomla 4 7 months, 4 weeks ago #83646

I am waiting too

Re: JoomSEF and Joomla 4 7 months, 2 weeks ago #83648

When will there be a new version of Joomla?
Julia Thompson

Re: JoomSEF and Joomla 4 7 months, 1 week ago #83652

I am not receiving any reply from Artio on this matter, althought I openend a ticket few weeks ago.

It seems there is no intention to release a Joomla 4 compatible JomSEF, which is giving me major headache.

Does anyone here have a good alternative, which is Joomla 4 compatible.

Thanks in advance and have a good day

Best regards


Re: JoomSEF and Joomla 4 7 months ago #83653

I have been looking for a replacement for a long time, but everything is much worse.

A fairly easy way is to use the two plugins 4SEF and 4SEO, they have an import from sh404SEF, which has an import from JoomSEF. So the transition looks like this:

1. Install sh404SEF (only for J3)
2. Install the special plugin sh404SEF-importer.
3. Import all the data by selecting the JoomSEF in this import plugin.
4. Install the 4SEF plugin, go to its settings and import Urls from sh404SEF
5. Install the 4SEO plugin, go to its settings and import Aliases and Meta from sh404SEF
6. Remove JoomSEF, sh404SEF and now you can upgrade to J4.

Of course, there will be some errors in urls, redirects, and other data... but maybe it's better than creating everything from scratch. Especially for large sites (I have ~3800 addresses, several localizations, manually filled in metadata, and a bunch of accumulated redirects).

Re: JoomSEF and Joomla 4 7 months ago #83654

Hello Codre,
sound like an option.

Several month ago the developer of JOOMSEF wrote me via mail (as answer to my questions how to get rid of JoomSEF and keep Joomla working)

Hi Stefan,

If you want your JoomSEF generated URLs to keep working after you uninstall JoomSEF, you can either use Joomla's Redirects component or your web server's .htaccess file to manually setup redirects from JoomSEF SEF URLs to original Joomla URLs. You can obtain list of SEF URLs with their corresponding Joomla URLs from your database, their stored in the _sef table.

With kind regards,

I have several thousands redirects too and manually it's not possible, so I guess an solution to get the urls from database and modify them to fit into the .htaccess would be an option too.
But maybe it's another problem if the .htaccess is too large

Re: JoomSEF and Joomla 4 6 months, 3 weeks ago #83656

any news?
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