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IMPORTANT: License Renewal/ Purchase
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TOPIC: IMPORTANT: License Renewal/ Purchase

IMPORTANT: License Renewal/ Purchase 12 years, 8 months ago #24768

Order #: 20290
Jomsef: 4.1.1
joomla: 1.7
jomsocial 2.4

I recently received a notice that my joomsef subscription was expiring so I made a purchase to renew it for another year, however, the renewal seems to only be for the joomsef 3 series which isn't compatible with the joomla 1.7 which I upgraded to months ago. I need to have the joomsef 4 series upgrade but I've already made this purchase. How can I transfer this service over to be compatible my my website and ensure that I have the joomsef artio branding removed from my templates? Please help!
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Re: IMPORTANT: License Renewal/ Purchase 12 years, 8 months ago #24809

  • jaku

I have checked all your orders. I only found your original JoomSEF 3 license and its prolongation. I did not find any upgrade from JoomSEF 3 to JoomSEF 4.

So to upgrade to JoomSEF 4, you need to get upgrade product:

Note that your free upgrade period you have extended for JoomSEF 3 will be preserved!
When you complete the purchase, only go to Online upgrade in JoomSEF and click "Migrate free to paid". Make sure you have the proper Download ID entered in Configuration / Registration tab.
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Re: IMPORTANT: License Renewal/ Purchase 12 years, 8 months ago #24870

Hey, thanks for the reply. Perhaps I didn't explain my situation properly. I never paid for the 4.1 version. I merely downloaded it I guess a few months ago when I upgraded my joomla site to 1.7 which I had no choice but to do because the 3 version wasn't compatible with it. Therefore, now that I am seeking to update the 4 version of joomsef, I ACCIDENTALLY paid for the 3 version which as already stated isn't compatible with j1.7. So what I'm asking is for the cost/purchase I made to be used so for the 4 version so that it will be compatible on my j1.7 site WITHOUT the branding. (Obviously, I don't gain anything by purchasing a 3 version "prolongation" if it isn't compatible.) Please help asap while this issue is still fresh!

Thank you
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Re: IMPORTANT: License Renewal/ Purchase 12 years, 8 months ago #24905

  • jaku
Well, if your upgrade period for JoomSEF 3 is still active - I belive it is, then you simply should get the Upgrade product I have sent you link to above.
This is an offer with special price available only to users with active upgrade period migrating from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 1.6/1.7 (JoomSEF 3 to JoomSEF 4).

In case you would not have JoomSEF 3 upgrade period active, the only option would be to get full JoomSEF 4 license.

Hopefully I explained this clearly.
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Re: IMPORTANT: License Renewal/ Purchase 12 years, 8 months ago #24910

I understand what you're saying but clearly this solution only benefits ARTIO and not me, the customer. By renewing the 3 version for 20.17 euros and then paying an upgrade to 4.1.1 at 9.9 euros, I'm paying a total of 30.07 euros when I could have just bought the new 4.1.1 version outright for only 26.9 euros... This doesn't make since especially since the prolongation is only good from the original time of purchase which can obviously be less than a year. So again, my issue is since the 3 version is clearly a prolongation I didn't need since my subscription was already expired and I only renewed it accidentally with the assumption that I would have the 4.1.1 access, can ARTIO compensate me the difference of the 3.17 euros I'm going to have to pay additionally to achieve the same result?

Please advise...

Thank you
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