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General rules for contributing to ARTIO Support Forums.

  1. Always try to search the forums first to see, whether your problem has not been discussed previously (or is currently being discussed) or whether it is not described in FAQs.
  2. Do not start discussing new issues in existing threads.
  3. Always start a new thread for new issues.
  4. When describing a problem, always remember to state the versions of software components you are using (all that may be related to problem). Also try to write maximum information describing the problem, such as full error outputs, behaviour, etc. Writing simply "it does not work" does not help much and most likely, your post will be ignored.
  5. Do not post issues describing problems in outdated versions, if a new version already exists, unless the problem remains in new version. This means, always upgrade all your software components to latest versions to see if problem has not been already solved before making a post.
  6. Specific forum categories (usually Customer Support and Priority Support) may be locked only for customer who purchased the related product. User who did not purchase the product may not start new threads in such categories.
  7. Where subcategories are available, alwyas post to subcategory most matching your request, such as Pre-sale questions, New feature requests, Customer Support, etc. To enforce that, please note that some product root categories may be locked or requesting moderators approval.
  8. The official forum language is English. Posts it any other language may be ignored or even deleted.
  9. Except Priority Support categories, there is no guaranteed response time in our forums. Complaining about reply times or posting reminders will have mostly negative effect.
  10. If you need your problem solved within guaranteed time frame, you can check about options of paid support we offer and contact our support via phone or email.
  11. Use only one communication channel at one time. Please, do not post both on forums and send us an email as that will lead to longer the reply times for other users.
  12. No advertisements are allowed. If you post any type of advertisement, your account will be banned.
  13. No external links are allowed, unless they are related to the problem solution (such as URL for patch file, URL where problem can be demonstrated, etc.) This rule also applies to personal signatures.

Thank you all for respecting these rules. Doing so will save us some time that we can use to answer more of your questions!

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