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Website Implementation Ostrava

Our goal is to design and create web pages, that are modern, easy to use and bring concrete benefits for the owner or his potential customers. We will gladly help you with designing the content and its structure, prepare a graphics design, install a content management system, provide training to persons who will be responsible for the site and provide needed technical support.

Having own website is nowadays no big problem. Anyway, it is always recommended to keep following questions in mind:

  • Is your current website possile to find using a most often used search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)?

  • What (measurable) benefit of the current web pages?

  • What is the targeted group of visitors / customers / users of the website?

  • Does the web presentation include all neccessary important information?

  • Who is primarily responsible for the content updates and is the website content up to date?

When working a new web pages, we always try to help our customer find answers to the above mentioned questions. Our goal is to design and create a website, that will bring specific benefits and will help to get the investments back.

Examples of realized websites

Confederation of Industry of the Czech RepublicTopFun - online moviesProŽ - Online magazine for women

More references of the web pages we have realized can be found in projects.

Own website

New website or update (redesign) of existing web pages is possible to realize within a few weeks. Within 7 days, we can mostly introduce you first graphics design proposal, within another 7 days, your site may be ready.

More information about website creation and design.


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