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Support for Open Source

Even if we try to help users of open source community selflessly as much as we can afford, sometimes the response times in our forums may be longer than you can afford, because you need to solve your problem really fast. This may happend when you upgrade your software components or modify your configuration.

In such cases we offer paid support for open source products. If you contact us via email at We will contact you as soon as we can. Mostly this takes just a few minutes or hours at maximum if our workers are too busy with outher clients. We will consult the problem with you and if needed we give it highest priority and start solving it immediatelly. This way, we can help you get your web site or application back into production very fast.

Support Conditions

The common rate for the support is 38 EUR per hour. In more complex cases or long term cooperation, an individual agreement can be signed.

What kind of support?

We are able to help with installing, configuration or adaptation of products not only those made by us, but also others, such as Joomla!, 3rd party components, your webserver and others.

Please read more how to get support.

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